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Chiana is a street-smart, savvy, and mercurial character who is willing to scam or steal for an adventure and risk her life for the people she loves. Chiana is Nebari, a grey-skinned race whose society is heavily regimented by the government (The Establishment). The monochrome fizzbomb of scamming and seduction became a part of the Farscape furniture when a Nebari transport in trouble was picked up by Moya. Imprisoned for behaving and speaking in inappropriate ways, she was on her way to be mentally cleansed to remove her wayward tendencies. She remained on Moya, becoming an integral member of the crew. At first her snurching (read theiving) ways, habitual dishonesty and tendency to regard sex simply as an enjoyable contact sport drove everyone to distraction.

She has a strong sense of individuality, respects no authority and values her freedom more than anything or anyone else. She is a skilled fighter, agile and acrobatic. She has a number of distinctive mannerisms such as cocking her head and crouching on objects rather than sitting or standing. Her fluid movements and frequent situational appraisals suggest a lifetime of avoiding danger.

Over time she’s built up warm relationships with Moya’s crew. It’s because of her real friendships with the crew that they can trust her now, not because her con-man character has changed. Since then, things have got much stranger for her. Possessed by an alien life-form, and now afflicted with visions that seem to accurately foretell the future, Chiana’s no longer so certain of herself.

This journal is for creative writing purposes only, and I am not - nor do I claim to be - Chiana or Gigi Edgley.
Chiana and Farscape belong to Jim Henson Productions. No profit is being made from this.
It is just for fun internet pretendy tiems. Writer and Character are both 18+.

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